Blue Skies

Our children’s services reach a wide variety of ages. On Sunday mornings our Sunday School is broken into three separate classes. First and second grades, third and fourth grades, and fifth and sixth grades (‘Tween Extreme!).


Our 10 am children service is open to all of these ages but we try to encourage the ‘Tween group to attend regular services, when they feel ready, with their parents to prepare them for moving into the Youth Group.  Either way your kids are sure to learn important information about living a life for Jesus and what it means to be a Christian.  We worship together, learn scripture together, study God’s Word together and enjoy being together! Our hope is to equip them with the head and heart knowledge to live for Jesus in a very lost world.


Wednesday night we begin at 6:30 pm. Children are separated into three departments.  Gopher Buddies (3-5k) Children (1st-4th grade) and Tween Extreme (5th and 6th grade).  All of the lessons they are taught come from Word of Life materials.  We rotate into three different areas- worship, game time, Bible lesson. Each group has leaders who are faithful to attend and love connecting with kids to promote Jesus in their lives! Pick up time is between 7:45 pm and 8:00 pm.


All drop off and pick up for each of these departments is on the second floor of the Christian Life Center (CLC) at the check in station in the Children’s Room as you enter the glass doors. 


We use the program KidCheck to sign kids in and out.  You can create an account in advance by going to to save yourself time at the check in station.  Once your account is created, you’ll only need your phone number to sign in (and a pin if you choose to have one). 


All the adults who service in any of our Children’s Departments have submitted to a background check.  We work in teams of two or three in each class to enhance the safety of our Children’s Department.  We want to provide a safe, loving environment for everyone who attends FBC Moody.